KiMISTRY, a consulting firm that coaches organizations on how to let their people be the best possible versions of themselves is now part of the OSBA suite of endorsed services.

Over 15 years of passionate service through social justice advocacy has made Kimberly Brazwell, founder of KiMISTRY, a highly-requested speaker and dialogue facilitator. With engagements ranging from training workshops to keynotes, her audiences have been local, regional and as far away as West Germany. Brazwell is a diversity practitioner who designs programs which aid in reshaping perspective on “fit”, engagement and cultural code-switching.

Brazwell's unique approach to improving human engagement links equity and inclusion, behavioral healthcare and holistic wellness for a trauma-informed experiential application. Her drive stems from her own intersectionality of identity and rich family diversity in race, religion, mental health, language, sexual orientation and class identity.

KiMISTRY services include
• creating safer spaces (debiasing and empathy-building)
• trauma-informed approaches (non-academic and non-occupational barriers to success)
• cultural competence (fit, code-switching, engagement and compassion fatigue)

Contact information
3400 S. Clarke Street #301 Arlington, VA 22202
(614) 301-4236 • •