Join us for this engaging and informative webinar series hosted by the OSBA Black Caucus. This webinar series is exclusively sponsored by CompManagement Health Systems.

You’ll learn trauma-informed practices to support students; strategies for creating trauma-informed schools that can accelerate learning; and more.

Nov. 19 • Noon–1 p.m. — Planting the ‘SEED’ for Academic Recovery Using an Ethos of Care
Participants will learn how Sandusky City Schools’ SEED instructional framework leads with social and emotional supports, explicit instruction, enrichment opportunities and digital-based games as quintessential components to resume learning in the new post-COVID-19, K-12 educational landscape. The presentation will highlight why the district designed SEED, which places an emphasis on creating a caring community along with embedding self-care opportunities into the workday for staff as they learn how to support the ongoing trauma caused by COVID-19.

Presenter: Dr. Vilicia Cade, chief academic officer, Sandusky City
Moderator: Mark Bobo, membership retention and engagement consultant, OSBA