Below is a list of education-related research materials for school board members and administrators. In addition to creating original publications for members, OSBA is working with Ohio colleges, universities and education organizations to disseminate studies about what works in K-12 public education. For more information about these initiatives, contact Gary Motz, OSBA senior editorial manager, at (614) 540-4000 or

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Featured research, studies and articles:

Children’s Hunger Alliance defining and filling the need, February 2019 — For nearly a quarter century, the Children’s Hunger Alliance has provided healthy meals to children in need. In Ohio, more than 20% of children — or 1 in 5 — do not know where they will get their next meal. However, its most recent report, The State of Childhood Hunger: Creating a Full Future for Ohio’s Children, shows that progress has been made in the effort to ensure no child goes to bed hungry, according to Judy L. Mobley, the alliance’s president and CEO.

Analysis of The Education Trust 2018 funding gaps report, March 2018 — A report by The Education Trust contended that Ohio ranks second nationally in terms of providing equitable funding for students from low-income families. An Ohio Education Policy Institute analysis, commissioned by the Ohio School Boards Association, Buckeye Association of School Administrators and Ohio Association of School Business Officials, found that Ohio actually ranks 32nd among the 50 states in funding for school districts with high concentrations of students in poverty.

Successful boards: What makes them so effective? February 2018 — The National School Boards Association’s Center for Public Education examines eight characteristics of effective school boards.

Smarter investment can help ease looming education crisis: Shifting demographics, poverty pose challenges, February 2017 — A policy and planning analyst from Ohio State University's Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity focuses on the crisis of poverty and its impact on the education of children of color.

Building relationships is key to true parental engagement: Cultural awareness helps parents feel welcome, February 2017 — A Bowling Green State University associate professor examines how developing authentic parent engagement requires a sincere desire on the part of schools to be culturally competent.

Wyoming City’s secret to success at the ballot box, April 2016 — A market researcher shares how his work with Wyoming City Schools has given the district a winning record on school levy and bond issues.

Report examines challenges, opportunities for boys of color, August 2015 — Researchers from the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University explore the many non-school factors that affect education outcomes for boys of color.

The unintended impact of report cards on levy success, June 2015 — Ohio State University researchers find that the public's flawed perceptions of state report card ratings hurt Ohio schools on the ballot.

Looking Forward to High School and College: Middle Grade Indicators of Readiness, November 2014 — The University of Chicago looks at factors that prepare middle school students for success in high school and college.

Why September Matters: Improving Student Attendance, July 2014 — Baltimore Education Research Consortium examines the issue of chronic school absences and how it can be addressed.

Ohio Property Tax Trends: 1975-2011, June 2014 — The Education Tax Policy Institute examines how the tax burden for Ohio public education has been shifted to homeowners and farmers.

Data in the Cloud, April 2014 — The National School Boards Association sheds light on student data privacy concerns and comprehensive student data privacy approaches in school districts. 

Partnerships, Not Pushouts: A Guide for School Board Members on Community Partnerships for Student Success, April 2014 — The National School Boards Association offers a blueprint for creating a better-coordinated system of supports for children and their families. 

Short-Changed: How Poor-Performing Charters Cost All Ohio Kids, April 2014 — Innovation Ohio study looks at how charter schools impact traditional public school districts.

Guide to Charter or Community Schools, February 2014 — OSBA's overview of charter or community schools.

A recipe for success — what highly effective teachers do, February 2014 — Battelle for Kids gives an overview of research into the best practices of successful teachers.

Early College program offers outstanding opportunities, October 2013 — The associate dean of business and IT at Marion Technical College examines Ohio's Postsecondary Enrollment Options Programs (PSEO).

Child poverty in our schools, August 2013 — Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio explains the scope of child poverty in Ohio, how poverty impacts student achievement and what schools can do to help low-income students.

Does this mean I can’t have breakfast today? Why many Ohio schoolchildren can’t focus in class, August 2013 — Children’s Hunger Alliance highlights studies about child hunger and how schools can combat food insecurity.

Protecting Ohio Schoolchildren — An OSBA Guide to School Safety and Security, June 2013 — OSBA's comprehensive guide to school safety and security.

Expanding collaborations to enhance teacher quality, June 2013 — The Ohio University Patton College of Education shares findings from a project that creates critical links between local schools and teacher preparation programs.

Battelle leads Ohio teams on tours of world's top schools, June 2013 — Battelle for Kids study reveals key drivers of student success around the globe.

Supporting teachers key to Singapore's success, June 2013 — OSBA president shares insights from his visit to one of the world's best school systems.

School funding outlook in the next biennium, October 2012 — The Education Tax Policy Institute analyzes state funding for schools in fiscal year 2012-13.

Biennial school board member survey, June 2012 — OSBA shares results from its school board member demographic survey in this Monopoly-inspired infographic.

The dream season, April 2012 — Battelle for Kids looks at how well Ohio high school graduates are prepared for college and careers.

Race to the Top: Are we there yet?, November 2011 — Battelle for Kids examines the impact of the federal Race to the Top program on education nationwide.

Is Teach for America good for our kids?, September 2011 — The Ohio University Patton College of Education examines the Teach for America program.

Eight traits of effective school boards, May 2011 — The National School Boards Association sheds light on research about high-achieving school boards.

School boards in the era of accountability, April 2011 — The American Enterprise Institute provides insights from a national survey of superintendents and school board members about a variety of education issues.

School Consolidation — A Study by OSBA, January 2011 — OSBA's in-depth look at the topic of school district consolidation and why shared services are a better approach to reducing costs.

How today's educators measure up, November 2010 — Battelle for Kids looks at how teachers are evaluated.

Critical lessons in school reform as states Race to the Top, February 2010 — Battelle for Kids examines the federal Race to the Top program and how it can benefit schools.