Public Schools Make a Difference


Ohio public schools make a difference in the lives of 1.9 million children every day. OSBA is launching a public information campaign to spread the news about how Ohio public schools make a difference every day. Below are ways to promote the great things happening in Ohio public schools.


Role of public schools
Public schools, as the backbone of our American way of life, foster our ideals of freedom, shared values and the integration of peoples, and meet the changing needs of our evolving society through a commitment that every child can succeed and become a contributing member of it.

Role of school boards
Explain to community members about what school boards do in Ohio.

Ohio Public Schools Speak
This OSBA-produced video features school board members, principals, teachers, superintendents and students, plus a coach, a treasurer, a food service supervisor and a bus driver. Each tells a story of the value of public education. You also will find materials to help you tell about your schools' success, including a tip sheet and the video script. You also can download a speech to use after showing the video or a speech to use in place of the video.

Bragging about Ohio public schools
Get some good news about things that are happening in Ohio public schools.

Quick facts about Ohio public schools
Check out these fact sheets to learn how Ohio public schools help students every day.

School Boards Circa 2010: Governance in the Accountability Era  (note: this is a 7 MB file)
This report gives new insights into the workings of America’s nearly 14,000 school boards, finding they are increasingly concerned about student achievement, and their work is further focusing on increasing student learning and preparing students with 21st century skills to compete in the global economy.

Stand Up for Public Schools
Good news about Ohio's public schools.