Online Safety Compliance Program

PublicSchoolWORKS, a division of WORKS INTERNATIONAL, provides EmployeeSafe Suite and StudentWatch Suite that includes student safety, accident management and behavior management.

The EmployeeSafe Suite offers programs that may be used independently or in combination to create a comprehensive staff safety solution. These programs include:
Staff Training System providing management, tracking and documentation of staff training with 150+ school-focused, online safety, district-specific policy and handbook courses. Includes 24/7 phone compliance and safety support.
Staff Accident Management System is a workers' compensation reduction solution that manages lost time and claims, online investigations and witness statements; auto-completes workers' compensation claim forms and OSHA 300 reports; and manages post-accident staff retraining and near-miss incident reporting.
Compliance Task Management System (non training) manages, tracks and documents district compliance with federal, state and local regulations and includes required tasks and forms.
MSDS for Staff meets OSHA standards with online and telephone access to 3.5 million Material Safety Data Sheets and telephone access to chemical and spill specialists and poison control. A custom eBinder is also available.

    StudentWatch offers a suite of programs that address student accidents, bullying, safety, and behavior issues and includes:
    Student Bullying/Safety Reporting System for parents and students includes 24/7 online and telephone reporting systems that manage, track and document report resolution. Includes an urgent response call tree for administrators, and 24/7 telephone access to crisis prevention resources.
    Student Accident Reporting System includes automated tracking and management of student accidents and reporting that identifies trends, patterns and analytics for improved student safety. Integrated with PublicSchoolWORKS’ Student Behavior Management System to capture behavior driven accidents.
    Student Behavior Management System is a district and school referral system for data driven decision making with tools for identifying behavior patterns to improve discipline practices, track student out-of-classroom time and auto report student suspension and detention lists. Compatible with Olweus, OISM, PBIS and other strategies.

      Through the PublicSchoolWORKS programs, OSBA members will enjoy the following results:
      Reduced time and effort spent on safety issues by 50-70%
      Reduced paperwork and storage
      Ensured consistency throughout the district and reduced workers’ compensation cost
      Compliance with regulations and board policies and school culture focused on safety

      For further information, please contact Wanda Bloch at or call (614) 540-4000. You can also contact PublicSchoolWORKS Vice President, Tom Strasburger, at (513) 631-6111.