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New Board Member Series
Tuesday, Mar. 1, 2016
Cost: $430.00

To provide a greater depth of information to assist newly elected board members in leading their district, OSBA has created a brand new program for 2016, exclusively for them. The New Board Member Series is a unique package featuring an array of professional development events designed to help newly elected board members learn, network and grow.

The 2016 New Board Member Series features the following events:
• OSBA New Board Member Academy (July 16)
• How’s It Going So Far? Workshop (March 31 or July 21)
• Regional networking reception exclusively for new board members
• Six webinars throughout the year
• Feb School Finance Webinar 2/26/16
• March Evaluations Webinar 3/2/16
• April Transportation Webinar 4/20/16
• May Legal Webinar 5/17/16
• Sept Policy Webinar 9/28/16
• Oct Safety/Security Webinar 10/19/16

Total cost of the series is $430. If you registered for each item individually, your cost would be $520, Purchasing the Series saves your district $90.

To register contact Laurie Miller (800) 589-OSBA; (614) 540-4000; or Lmiller@ohioschoolboards.org