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New Board Member Series Plus
Tuesday, Mar. 1, 2016
Cost: $940.00

To provide a greater depth of information to assist newly elected board members in leading their district, OSBA has created a brand new program for 2016, exclusively for them. The New Board Member Series Plus is a unique package featuring an array of professional development events designed to help newly elected board members learn, network and grow.

The 2016 New Board Member Series Plus features the following events:
OSBA New Board Member Academy (July 16)
How’s It Going So Far? Workshop (March 31 or July 21)
Regional networking reception exclusively for new board members
Six webinars throughout the year
Feb School Finance Webinar 2/26/16
March Evaluations Webinar 3/2/16
April Transportation Webinar 4/20/16
May Legal Webinar 5/17/16
Sept Policy Webinar 9/28/16
Oct Safety/Security Webinar 10/19/16
2016 Board Leadership Institute 4/29/16 - 4/30/16
2016 OSBA Capital Conference 11/13/16 - 11/16/16
New Board Member seminar at the 2016 Capital Conference

Total cost of the series is $940. If you registered for each item individually, your cost would be $1060, Purchasing the Series saves your district $120.

To register contact Laurie Miller (800) 589-OSBA; (614) 540-4000; or Lmiller@ohioschoolboards.org