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Budget update

Gov. John R. Kasich issued 44 vetoes to House Bill 64, the state’s biennial budget. His vetoes related to education funding:
• eliminate the guarantee that each school district would receive at least 20% of the formula amount per pupil;
eliminate the removal of the provision that requires funds provided through the foundation formula for career-technical education be spent on career-technical education and that no more than 25% of those funds be spent on administration;
eliminate the fiscal year 2017 tangible personal property tax reimbursement payments;
eliminate a provision that would have provided a special tax break to private water corporations by reducing the taxes they would pay on new tangible personal property;
eliminate a provision that would exempt electrical generation plants from the public utility tax, shifting the tax to the transmission and distribution system.
Click here for a copy of the complete veto message.
Click here for a copy of the veto override request that was sent to House and Senate leadership.
Ohio Senate activity
This week, the Senate passed Senate Bill (SB) 168 sponsored by Sen. Frank LaRose (R-Copley) by at vote of 32-0. This legislation would require EMIS to include information about individuals at whom a student’s violent behavior was directed and to require the Ohio Department of Education to submit a one-time report to the General Assembly regarding that information.

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