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Ohio House Activity
This week the House passed House Bill (HB) 70 by a vote of 92-6. This legislation would authorize school districts and community schools to initiate a community learning center process to assist and guide school restructuring.
Ohio Senate Finance Education Subcommittee
The Senate Finance Education Subcommittee heard testimony this week on HB 2, dealing with the sponsorship and management of community schools. The subcommittee also heard testimony on Senate Bill (SB) 148, which would make changes to the law addressing the governance, operation and management of community schools.
House Education Committee
The House Education Committee heard testimony on SB 3, which would provide additional flexibilities for school districts. The committee chairman announced plans to introduce a substitute version of the bill at future hearings.
House State Government Committee
The House State Government Committee passed HB 114 this week. This legislation would require the Board of Building Standards to adopt rules for using a barricade on a school door in an emergency situation and would prohibit the Ohio Fire Code from prohibiting the use of the device in such a situation.
New education-related bills
HB 212: Rep. Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) — Deals with state achievement assessments, statewide academic content standards and model curricula, and teacher and administrator evaluations

SB 168: Sen. Frank LaRose (R-Copley) — Would require the Education Management Information System to include information regarding persons at whom a student’s violent behavior that resulted in discipline was directed and require the Ohio Department of Education to submit a one-time report to the General Assembly regarding that information 

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