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The House Rules and Reference Committee held another hearing this week on House Bill (HB) 597, legislation that would eliminate and prohibit Ohio’s use of the Common Core State Standards. The bill is sponsored by Reps. Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) and Matt Huffman (R-Lima).

During the hearing, the committee accepted a substitute version of the bill that:

• extends the amount of time Ohio would follow the old Massachusetts standards from two years to three years;

• removes the language from the previous version allowing districts to opt out of the state assessments;

• removes all references to model curriculum in state law and prohibits the State Board of Education from developing model curriculum.

The committee also accepted an amendment that would require the standards review committees created in HB 487, the midbiennium budget review, to compare the Common Core State Standards with the old Massachusetts standards. Once the committees complete their reviews, they will make recommendations to the State Board of Education to be used in the board’s development of new standards.

Future plans for the legislation and committee are unknown at this time. Some sources report that Huffman, who chairs the committee, may be considering holding regional meetings.

Please continue to make contact with your legislators on this issue and share your thoughts on why the Common Core State Standards are necessary and how they make a difference for your students. OSBA will continue to monitor this legislation and provide updates about future hearings through eAlerts and Facts in a Flash.


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