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ODE testing report and recommendations
House Bill (HB) 487 of the 130th General Assembly required the superintendent of public instruction to issue a report reviewing the number of tests administered in grades kindergarten-12 and make recommendations for reducing the number of tests. The report was released by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) on Thursday and contains the following recommendations. Click here to view the report.
Recommended legislative changes
• limit the amount of time students take state and district tests to 2% of the school year, and limit the amount of time spent practicing for tests to 1% of the school year;
• eliminate the use of student learning objectives as part of the teacher evaluation system for teachers in grades pre-kindergarten-three and for teachers instructing in non-core subject areas in grades four-12;
• eliminate the fall third-grade reading test, but provide a summer administration of the test for students who need it;
• eliminate the state’s requirement that districts give math and writing diagnostic tests to students in grades one-three.
Recommended ODE administrative changes
• work with the federal government to advocate for flexibility in Ohio’s testing system;
• closely monitor the first-year administration of Ohio’s new state tests and make any changes necessary to ensure that the testing system provides accurate data on student performance in a reasonable way;
• create models for local schools to increase the efficiency of local testing by finding ways schools may use a single test for multiple purposes;
• make changes to the new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in response to teacher concerns about the disruption the current test causes to classroom instruction;
• explore whether the new state tests can be used for gifted student identification;
• implement the new innovative school district waiver pilot program to develop new and creative ways of testing students.
Ohio House names committee chairs
House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) announced this week which members would be serving as committee chairman during the 131st General Assembly:
• House Finance and Appropriations Committee — Rep. Ryan Smith (R-Bidwell);
• House Finance Subcommittee on Primary and Secondary Education Funding — Rep. Robert R. Cupp (R-Lima);
• House Education Committee — Rep. Bill Hayes (R-Harrison Township).
The Ohio Senate is expected to announce its committee assignments next week.

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